V-shaped Toast because…peanut butter and jelly.

This is the Toaster & Knife design concept by Zlil Lazarovich [Cool name!].

I guess this thing below is the toaster.


And this thing is a knife.


What does…who…how…? This is so flawesome, that…I…can’t…I can’t even get my head around it to describe how not good it is. I’m just going to use a numbered list.

A numbered list of things that bother me about this Toaster & Knife concept

  1. A good number of people don’t toast the bread they use for peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it, and it’s tasty, but most people don’t do it.
  2. A good number of people actually use two pieces of bread to make a sandwich, not one piece of bread folded over. You only do that when you don’t have much bread, or you’re really really lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it…because I was really really lazy.
  3. The toaster toasts the bread in a V-shape, which I guess aids in folding it over? Do you know what’s easier? Using two pieces of bread, in a normal toaster. But hey, maybe you’re really really lazy to get that other piece of bread…
  4. Is this toaster only good for making V-shaped pieces of toast?
  5. How is a Y-shaped sandwich spreader better than, say, a normal spreader/knife?
  6. I think it would be difficult to spread peanut butter or jelly with a spreader that is at an angle to the handle.
  7. Watch this video demonstration:
  8. That toast folded as easily —  and with the same noise — as folding a sheet of drywall. Who the hell likes their bread that toasty?? Also, did the V-shape really make it easier to fold that piece of bread?
  9. The toaster looks pretty heavy, almost like you could use it as a panini press. But you can’t, because it’s V-shaped. Perhaps you can make taco shells with it? Really shallow taco shells, that would be difficult to eat.
  10. This whole concept could be replaced with things you already own, namely a toaster, and a knife.
  11. I bet it takes just as much effort to fold that V-shaped toast closed as it does to fold a flat piece of toast in half.
  12. The designer says the double-bladed knife solves the ‘double dipping’ problem. Are people really worried about cross contamination of peanut butter and jelly? Really? I mean, sometimes peanut butter and jelly are found IN THE SAME JAR. Can’t you just spread one thing, then clean the knife with a towel or napkin, and spread the next thing? Or if you’re lazy, just use the bread to wipe off the excess stuff, so you have a clean knife. Isn’t that what people have been doing for ages?
  13. Sure, that Y-knife/spreader works fine if you have low-profile, wide-open containers of peanut butter and jelly like what’s shown in the pic, but imagine trying to reach the bottom of a normal peanut butter jar or jelly jar with that knife.
  14. That Y-shaped knife will not fit well in drawers, with the other knives, if you have one of those flatware caddy things. If it was a reindeer, it would be excluded from reindeer games.

This product concept is as specialized as you can get. Appliances and utensils to make only one type of food? Really? I mean, I get it. The designer must really love peanut butter and jelly…on a single piece of toast…folded over. But does anyone else like it? No, really, I’m asking. Do people do this? Maybe in some far away land that’s not the United States, this ‘folded toast PB & J’ is the ONLY way to eat peanut butter and jelly. And maybe in this far away land, all sandwiches are made with V-shaped toast, which would make the toaster much more useful. Or maybe we’ll just call this flawesome. Maybe…

VIA Zlil Lazarovich on cargocollective.com