Hula Washer; more effort, less efficiency. Just what everyone wanted.

The modern washing machine is a real marvel. I’m gonna break out of my habit of not using the word “I” here and tell you personally that the washing machine was one of the things a friend of mine missed the most while she was working overseas in Tanzania. The analog alternative to the powerful efficient washing machine was the washboard; it was a lot more work but it still got the job done. Therefore you’d be forgiven if you thought there’s no way anyone would make a new washing product that’s not only worse than the modern washing machine but even WORSE than the millennia old washboard. Well someone did in a flawesome way.

Yes that is a hula hoop. It’s also a washing machine. It’s the Hula Washer by Sang-soon Lee
. It comes in 4 pieces. It washes stuff. How does it wash things? It’s hard to say. How well does it wash them? Probably not well.

An operation falling to pieces
The entire thing comes in 4 pieces for easy fold-away storage; alternatively it comes in 4 pieces for increased opportunity of leaking water all over the place. Attached diagram shows how the pieces… sorta fit together… kinda.

The hollow interior where the user can fit all sorts of clothes, as long as they’re socks or underwear [or a tie…?], features ingenious technological advances such as holes and magnets. It’s not particularly clear how or where the steam comes from or how it’s powered, but since there is a POWER button, it can be assumed to use batteries of some kind, and only uses your body’s gyrations for the purpose of sloshing the clothes around.

Why can’t we just exercise by exercising?
Considering you probably couldn’t stuff more than a few socks in there, the effort you’d have to go through to get this thing going is enormous. Washing machines have 24-35 minute spin cycles, because as providence would have it, clothes don’t clean themselves and stains are hard to get out. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that this outlandish device was even faster at cleaning your socks than your washing machine. Faster by twice the speed. You’d still be hula-hooping like a champion for a good 12+ minutes just for a few socks. But you’d certainly get a good exercise out of it, because this thing is probably several times the weight of a hula hoop, and it’s missing a rather important aspect of hula hoops: even distribution of mass. It’s fairly questionable if this thing can even be ‘hula’ed.

We’ve moved on
Someone looking for an excuse to get some muscle or a workout when washing their clothes can just use the apparatus above. Many people around the world still have to contend with this when it comes to laundry, but they’d probably take a power washer given the opportunity. As for the Hula Washer, it’s doubtful anyone would want such a flawesome contraption.

VIA Yanko Design