A thing to poke a hole into a coconut.

I don’t know why this stupid product is making the rounds on the tech/gadget blogs, but I’m glad people are talking about it, because now, so can I. The Cocodrill is punch that makes a whole in a young coconut, so you can put a straw in it, and drink the water. Because, you know, THAT’S a situation you find yourself in more often than not. “How am I going to get this straw in this young coconut, so I can drink the coconut water inside??”

Check out the page on rawnori.com to see how it works…or I can just tell you right now. You take that metal thing with the handle, and poke it into the young coconut to make a hole in it. Then you pull it out of the coconut. That black plastic piece  at the bottom-right of the pic is a poker to clean out the the metal piece that you poked into the coconut.

This product can only be used on young coconuts. Those brown, round, hairy things [get your mind out of the gutter] you see in the stores? Those aren’t young coconuts. That’s an older coconut that has had it’s husk removed. You need a nice green young coconut. They look like these:

After you slice away the green exterior husk of a young coconut, you’ll see something that resembles the coconut seen in the pic of the Cocodrill. My problem with the Cocodrill is that it totally disregards the reason people buy and enjoy young coconuts. Sure, there’s coconut water in there, and everyone is all “Hey, coconut water is the new Gatorade!” That’s great, but the best thing from a young coconut is the soft, creamy, young coconut flesh inside. Poking a hole in a coconut so you can suck out the water is fine, but how do you get access to the stuff inside that you want to eat? You’ll have to cut it open with a knife. I know what you’re thinking, “Couldn’t I just cut it open with a knife instead of using the Cocodrill, so then I can drink the coconut water AND eat the young coconut found inside?” Exactly. And guess what? It’s easier to cut open a young coconut than you probably thought. Just watch this video. [skip to 0m25s]

There you go. Do you have a young coconut and a knife? Then you have no need for the Cocodrill. Let’s say that, for whatever reason, all you want to do is drink the water out of the young coconut, and don’t care about the delicious flesh inside. Here are some ways, other than using the Cocodrill, to make a whole in a coconut:

-poke a hole in it with a nail

-poke a hole in it with a sturdy chopstick, like the ones you get when you order Chinese take-out

-drill a hole in it using that cordless drill you bought, but haven’t used, but makes you feel like a handyman for having it

-use an apple corer

But honestly, if you’re buying a young coconut to only drink the water…just go get some pre-packaged coconut water.

Cocodrill [product page] on Raw Nori via Gizmodo via 7gadgets