The BootyWrap: this is a real product???

I thought this product was a joke when I first saw it. The BootyWrap by Kathy Kramer (of Invisibelt fame) is basically a fake long-sleeve sweatshirt that you tie around your waist to cover up your ass. That’s what it is. Oh, and I guess it has pockets, so you can store stuff in it. From the website:

Is that a phone in your hand on your power walk? Cash stuffed in your sock? Keys in your waistband? And our personal favorite — lip balm in the bra? If this sounds all too familiar, we have the answer: The BootyWrap. It looks like a sweatshirt tied around your waist; but its not. The BootyWrap is simply a flat, bulkless garment with sleeves and pockets. Finally you store your stash, cover your bum and remain hands free! You’ll love the BootyWrap — the smartest sleeves around.

To be honest, I didn’t know there was a need for women to cover up their ass with a sweatshirt. I didn’t know that was a thing. I’ve tied sweatshirts around my waist before, but it was usually because I was outside doing some activity, and it was too hot. So I took off my sweatshirt, and tied it around my waist, because I didn’t want to carry it, not because I needed to cover up my ass. And then if it got chilly, I could easily untie my sweatshirt, and wear it again. Seems reasonable, right?

With The BootyWrap, don’t even think about putting this on if you get chilly. Why? Because it’s a fake sweatshirt whose only function is to cover your ass. Okay, that’s not true: it also has pockets to store things that a woman would usually store in her pants pockets, or in her purse. But why put things in pants pockets or carry a purse, when you can wear this fake sweatshirt with pockets around your waist…that also covers your ass? Why are women covering their asses again? Is it because they are self-conscious? I think we —men and women— are all self-conscious about our bodies at one point or another, and that’s fine. But placing a brightly-colored, fake sweatshirt on top of the body part you’re self-conscious about isn’t really working to hide that body part from public view. In fact, people might look even more closely at you. “Hey, that’s a pretty cool sweatshirt around your waist…wait, is that real? Why are there pockets? So those sleeves are fake…?”

via The BootyWrap