Is a hot dog shaped hamburger a sausage…?

The Ham Dogger: a mold to make ground meat into a hot dog shape. There are many questions we should ask about this thing.

  1. Why??!?
  2. Why??!?
  3. Can’t I just mold the meat in that shape with my hands?
  4. Why would you want your hamburger to look like a hot dog?

Okay, I can think of one instance where you want your hamburger to look like a hot dog. What if you had a cookout, and bought lots of hamburgers and hot dogs, and their respective buns. You ran out of hot dogs, but had tons of ground meat leftover for hamburgers. But for some reason, you ran out of hamburger buns, and had a surplus of hot dog buns. The Ham Dogger might come in handy. Maybe. Personally, if I was in this situation, I’d probably start cooking a bunch of hamburgers, and use hamburgers as the bun. That’s right. A delicious hamburger between two other hamburgers. My stomach just growled.

via technabob