Don’t look at me! I’m being private!

If you’ve never heard of the Streissand Effect, it’s basically what happens when you—as either a person or company or group—manage to attract a torrent of attention by the very act of trying to squash attention. You are literally shouting “Nothing to see here! Move along please!”. Fortunately for the world, the designers at Addi decided we could all use a real world manifestation of the aforementioned phenomena in the form of the “Booth Slide” privacy lounge chair.

The Addi website states states that this lounge chair with a removable hood is “perfect when you want to hide in plain sight or just do some confidential work in public.” which would be fine if everybody weren’t staring at you for have a freakish looking seating device. It’s hard to fathom in what venue this hooded chair would provide more privacy than it took away. If you’re using this in your backyard because you wanted to sit outside and read 50 Shades of Gray on your laptop without your neighbors knowing, paranoia and poor taste in literature are liable to be bigger problems than privacy. If you sat in this in a public space, every 10th passerby would be liable to stop, stair, chuckle, and possibly inquire if you bonkers or a vampire or both. Speaking of which, does the form of the chair remind you of anything?

Booth Slide Coffin

The design world is not without high concept ideas that are valuable for more practical designs down the line. Furniture is no different; even the wild unaffordable or impractical home or corporate furnishing can be an experiment in aesthetics, modularity, or new functions. Sorry to say, Addi’s Booth Slide are none of those things. It’s no aesthetically pleasing (it honestly looks ridiculous), the hood seems ungainly, and like many Flawesome designs, doesn’t serve anyone anywhere.