Ecopackage aluminum can: the can that can’t

Ecopackage Coca-Cola can

Pretty cool, huh? It’s all silver and minimalistic and shit. And according to the designer, not having the ol’ red & white painted graphics on the can “would reduce energy and efforts to separate the toxic paint from the aluminum cans during the recycling process.” That’s great. Reducing energy consumption and creating sustainable products is great.

But what do you think Coke will say? They’ve been around for a pretty long time, and their brand is highly successful due to their red & white logo/color of their cans. I mean, just ask General Zod, I bet he remembers Coke’s logo. And more importantly, people associate silver with Diet Coke. Have you ever met people addicted to Diet Coke? You don’t want to mess with them by giving them a can that may look like Diet Coke, but is actually packed-full-of-sugar regular Coke. And ignore the fact that you might kill some diabetics who grab one of these thinking it’s Coke’s low calorie, aspartame-filled sibling. So…the issues of brand awareness and marketing, and killing diabetics/angering Diet Coke fanatics…does this sound familiar? It should. Because Coke already dealt with this massive problem late last year, around Christmas time. “Merry Christmas! Please don’t hate Coke! Santa still loves us!

So other than those issues, this can is pretty tight, right…? Well, there’s this thing—it’s a government thing—where I guess they want people to know what ingredients are in food they buy from stores. Oh, and nutritional information. And most products found in stores need UPC labels, you know, so someone at a self-checkout can take 15 minutes reading a touch screen that’s prompting them to “Scan items now”, where they have to rotate a package around haphazardly, hoping a laser hits the little thing with the black lines on it. All those things—the ingredients, nutritional information, the UPC label—are printed directly on the can. Using paint. Evil evil paint. I mean, I suppose with this non-painted type of can, you could laser etch all the information on there. That might work. And that might be fuckin’ expensive. Also, I’m not sure you’ll get the correct contrast ratio needed to do a UPC code.

But yeah, besides all these problems, this can is a pretty badass design, don’t you think?